The Eco Policy of

We are committed to eco-friendly operations at MyEcoBooking.  We believe that as a directory of eco accommodation would should endevour to follow the principles of best practice when it comes to our operations and the environment.  

Green Web-Hosting

Our website is hosted by environmentally friendly hosting company  The company is not involved with carbon off-setting or carbon credits.  Instead they use actually use the greenest source for all the energy which provides their hosting, namely Planet Earth.  The energy used to power the servers is all sourced from hydro-electric an geothermal sources within the ground.  As a result the servers have a zero carbon footprint.  So when you are clicking through the MyEcoBooking you can spend as long as you like knowing the power used to generate each page is from a completely renewable source.  


As far as possible we try to keep our operations as paper-free as possible, although when paper is used we ensure that we print on both sides if it is for use internally.  We also recycle all paper, plastics, aluminium.  

Energy Sourcing

Currently our energy is sourced from EDF energy, we are currently under contract with this supplier and will be until such time as we are able to terminate the contract.  Most of the energy that EDF energy generates is mainly from nuclear and coal fired power stations.  Once we are able we aim to source all of our energy from a renewable supplier.  

Energy Usage

Being an online company we obviously spend a lot of time on computers.  We observe a "power-down" policy which means we turn off routers, computers, and lights in rooms in which people are not working in.  We have installed 40watt energy saving light bulbs.  

We are constantly working to improve our eco policy, and there are elements which we want to improve upon.  We try to be as transparent as possible so hopefully as we grow you will see how our policy has improved.